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Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
RACC – Regional Advocacy Coalition of Chambers – Southwestern Pennsylvania

The Regional Advocacy Coalition of Chambers (RACC) is a voluntary alliance of local chambers of commerce throughout the ten-county region of southwestern Pennsylvania. The purpose of the RACC is to influence legislators and regulators at all levels of government on issues that are important to the common interest of the region's business community.

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Who We Are

The following organizations are members of the RACC:

Issues We Are Working On

The RACC's Policy Council considers issues of regional importance and votes to take a position on these issues on behalf of the entire RACC membership. The following issues have been determined to be short-term goals of the RACC.

Transportation & Infrastructure
Well-planned transportation and infrastructure investments make the Pittsburgh region more attractive for business investment and provide a high quality of life for residents. We believe it's a key role of government to provide sound networks to move goods, services and utilities to market. The RACC is closely following the work of Governor Corbett's Transportation Funding Advisory Commission, and supports the recommendations set forth in their report.

Read the letter that RAAC sent to the PA General Assembly in support of Senate Bill 1 (PDF)
Link to Governor Corbett's Transportation Funding Advisory Commission Report
Read the letter that RACC sent to Governor Corbett in support of the TFAC recommendations (PDF)
Read the press release issued by RACC in support of the TFAC recommendations (PDF)
Talking points in support of the TFAC recommendations (PDF)

Business Tax Competitiveness – CompetePA Coalition
CompetePA is a coalition of businesses and organizations representing more than half the private sector employment in Pennsylvania that wants to see the Commonwealth compete successfully for new jobs and investment.

The Coalition has been working since 2005 to solve the serious business tax competitiveness problems that are contributing to the low rate of job creation in Pennsylvania, educating legislators about the need to eliminate the cap on net operating loss (NOL) carryforwards and to create a single sales factor apportionment formula (SSF). These steps are necessary to begin to close the gap with growing competitor states.

Link to CompetePA web site
One page info sheet on CompetePA's priorities (PDF file)

Government Efficiency – Pension Reform / Act 111 Reform
Municipalities across Pennsylvania face ever-mounting financial challenges. Even before the "Great Recession", tax base loss, crumbling infrastructure and escalating health care and pension costs strained the financial capacity of Pennsylvania municipal governments. Federal funding to states is being curtailed resulting in less state funding to municipalities.

The PA League of Cities and Municipalities, the Metro Chambers for Sustainable Cities and the Department of Community and Economic Development have joined together in a working group to implement a common agenda to promote municipal financial health. Initially, they are developing legislation to address the shortcoming in binding arbitration and pension laws.

Metro Chambers for Sustainable Cities White Paper (PDF file)
Metro Chambers for Sustainable Cities Presentation (PDF file)

Contact Us

For more information on the RACC contact:

Jennifer Beer
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
11 Stanwix Street 17th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412.281.4783 x3114